Change of property management - Know how to do it

Whatever are the reasons for a change of administration, we will show you what you need to consider.

Almut Guthmann

Management change for apartment buildings and other properties

You would like to replace your property management for your apartment(s), commercial unit(s) or apartment building? We can support you in doing so and we would like to offer our services. The period of notice depends on the terms of the running contract and the periods of notice agreed there. If there are severe reasons for a change in management, the contract can also be terminated without notice (§ 626 BGB - termination for good cause). If it is more a matter of many minor violations of duty, which each for itself would not entitle to terminate the contract, it is important to first send a warning to your property management company, asking them to accomplish their duties. In the event of further violations/breaches, a termination without notice can then be pronounced.

The dismissal has taken place, what now?

Administrators are generally obliged to hand over the documents to the new administration at the end of the contract. We will take care of this as soon as you have given us power of attorney. In most cases, the administration that has been replaced is still obliged to settle the operating and heating costs for the previous financial year. If you wish, we can take over this for you. In this way, you will receive readable documents right at the start, which we make available to you via our owner portal whenever you need them. This way you get back control and transparency of income and expenses, also for the past fiscal year. In addition to taking over and checking the existing documents and bookings, we will work out new letting concepts for you in case of vacancies and a long-term development strategy.
As soon as the date for the possible change is fixed and we take over the management for you, we proactively contact the current manager to take over all existing house documents, rental contracts, utility contracts, tenant balances, plans, etc. If something is not available, we research in offices and building archives.

Changing the condo property management

The condominium management is based on the German Home Ownership Act (WEG = Community of Owners), the partition deed and the management contract. The management contract and the appointment of the property management company are two legally independent processes. The appointment of the property manager needs to be decided with majority. You should therefore make sure within your WEG whether your plan to replace the administration will have a majority.

Please contact us if you would like to initiate a change or if you have any questions. We will accompany you and will be happy to submit our offer for your next digital property management.

Almut Guthmann