Next generation property management

Est8 Services stands for digitalised property management. We transform classic property management into efficient, intelligent and largely digitalised processes.

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The hub for all processes around your properties.

From micro flats up to residential complexes. With us, you can keep track of all the central areas of your real estate.

With us foreign owners are never alone

We are your interface to administrations, tenants and community. We are the strategists for your properties.

We are your companions

We are the digital fuel of your community of owners. Seamless planning, organisation, implementation and documentation.

From 1 to 150 years: digital management for your apartment building

From new construction to the imperial era. We bring apartment buildings and housing estates into digital management.

Despite regulation: It remains your property

Despite the rent cap, you as the owner have the booklet in your hand. We have facts, strategies and concepts.

A cloud portal for your properties

Everything in view! Information whenever you need it, 24-7.

  • Browser based application

  • No software installation necessary

  • Access from anywhere, Internet connection is sufficient




Saving paper



Est8 Services

Leave crusted and complicated structures behind. We transform the management of your real estate into digital processes. Without additional effort for you, with full, direct benefit. Whether billing and reporting, accounting and tenant management, rental, modernization service, investment planning and development concepts. Est8 Services is a Guthmann Estate and company.

Reduce paper - Save CO₂

With every document, every letter, every statement, business plan or contract, in short, with every document that is not printed or transported, you protect the environment. We digitalize documents.

Process-oriented means customer-oriented

Digitization also means simplifying processes. The efficient interaction among all stakeholders, the streamlining of administrative processes and the natural and uncomplicated communication ensure satisfaction among tenants and owners.

Managing regulation

Since 2015, the real estate market in Berlin has been massively regulated. Owners of rental houses, WEGs and even individual owners are faced with a multitude of new regulations, prohibitions and a great deal of bureaucracy. We are your coach through the jungle of regulations.

EST8 Services

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