Digitization of property management in Berlin

Est8 Services stands for digitalised real estate management. We transfer classic property management into efficient digital processes. We reduce the workload for the owner and streamline the flow of information around properties, owners, communities and tenants. Cloud-based processes and applications with document management and performance dashboards ensure transparency and availability of all information, anywhere and at any time.

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The future of property management in Berlin

Leave encrusted and complicated patterns behind. We transfer the management of your real estate into digital processes. Without additional costs for you, with full, direct benefits. Whether it's invoicing and reporting, accounting and tenant management, letting, modernisation service, investment planning and development concepts.
Est8 Services is a company of Guthmann Estate.


Reduce paper, save CO2

With every document, letter, statement, business plan or contract, in short, with every document that is not printed or transported, you protect the environment. We do without paper wherever it is practical and permitted. We communicate via interfaces with utilities, banks, accounting, contractors, tenants and owners. We manage documents and ensure security and availability.



Real estate can easily afford to age. Management can't. The intelligent and effective digitalisation of real estate management is therefore not an option, but a necessity. Decide on the conscious use of resources and free access to information.
Est8 Services. Manage - not administrate.


The entire range of services goes digital

There are only few activities around your property that do not benefit from digitalization. From the reduction of paper, the handling of handymen, an intelligent key management system to rental processes and communication with tenants, owners or within the condominium owners' association. Digitisation in property management means transparency and thus investment security.

Digitization in property management


Whether electricity or gas supplier, supply and disposal companies or meter-reading companies. Most companies have realised the benefits of digitalisation and are connected to us via interfaces. The data flows automatically into the accounting or into the annual settlements. 

Digital rent monitor

Digitise the rent development with us. You determine the pace, subject to the legal requirements.

Management Dashboard

Keep an eye on your properties. Our Management Dashboard provides you with all relevant indicators in a clear, aggregated form. Accessible at any time and from anywhere. .

Document Management

Are you sick of waiting for days, if not longer, for documents from your property management? We provide you with access to a safe personalized area in the cloud, where all relevant documents are available for you to download.

A cloud portal for your properties

Everything in view! Information whenever you need it, 24-7.

  • Browser based application

  • No software installation necessary

  • Access from anywhere, Internet connection is sufficient

EST8 Services

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