Property management for communities of owners

For existing WEGs or those in the process of forming, we are the first choice if you want to make your community modern, cloud-based and transparent. With us you will overcome language and geographical barriers. All relevant documents are available for you 24/7 in our service portal. Digital meetings, where permitted, are a matter of course.

We make you happy

Communities of owners are not always straightforward because they consist of people. We moderate and organize. We offer digital tools and maximum transparency even for owners who are geographically distant.


Digitize your community of owners

If you want to make your community of owners fit for the future, you have to rely on a high degree of digitalisation. Digitisation is a crucial element for owners. Your "WEG" becomes more efficient, more decisive and much more transparent.


Digitization breaks chains

Digitalization of administrative processes, building automation, connection of service providers, communication with tenants, and many real-life applications: We look forward to talking to you about your options.


Digital transformation in your condo

Information updates, early warning systems, automatic meter readings, backup systems and an efficient reporting system. Digitising your condo serves only one purpose: to make your life easier.

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Document management

We offer cloud-based document management from the very beginning. Digitalised documents such as settlements, business plans and other relevant documents are securely accessible 24-7 for the community of owners in our service platform. Sensitive documents can be made available for download for a limited period of time.

Management Dashboards

You will never again be frustrated by days or weeks of waiting for important key figures. In our Management Dashboard you will find all KPIs for your community. Acurate and always accessible in real-time.

Financial services

A fully integrated commercial service with largely automated invoice processing and receivables management creates further transparency.

Renting Services

Rental of common areas is cash flow for the community. We make sure that commercial space in common property is not left unused.

A cloud portal for your properties

Everything in view! Information whenever you need it, 24-7.

  • Browser based application

  • No software installation necessary

  • Access from anywhere, Internet connection is sufficient

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